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Reality, Meet Your Business Case

In most large organizations, the “business case” is a proven and trusted rights provider. It represents quantifiable commercial rationale used to justify investing money in some element of the business. The approach expresses multiple ideas under a single thinking and decision-making umbrella namely- problem or opportunity quantification, implication if unsolved or solved, envisaged solution, chosen… Read more »

Is Strategy Planning?

I recently overheard someone saying that we need to plan our strategy. Post a brief discussion, the statement reflected the belief that strategy is about planning. Furthermore, any differences between the two were semantics.  This blog attempts to explore the relationship between strategy and planning and in doing questions whether the term strategic planning is… Read more »

Minimum Viable Idea

I recently expressed, in a blog named Where is the Idea in Strategy, that strategy acts on and enables ideas. Value is nested within the core idea and not strategy. Strategy’s job is the expressing of something pre-existent via the design and adaptation of assets, resources and activities that overcome the challenges impeding progress or… Read more »

Puzzle or Mystery and Management Implications

Commercial progress entails the ceaseless overcoming of both strategic and operational challenges. At the nub of each, is a problem that if not solved retards advancement of some sort. A useful way for management teams to engage problem solving is to divide them into three categories: Puzzles Mysteries A combination of or a transitioning between… Read more »


Nathaniel Mass, wrote an article named the Relative Value of Growth(RVG) in which he argued that most management teams do not have an understanding of whether a 1% increase in revenue growth would be more or less valuable than  1% increase in earnings (Margin). He argues that understanding what % of your share price is… Read more »