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Integrating Strategy Imperatives with your Growth Aspirations

Conversations In Growth, partners with senior management teams currently embroiled in the struggle of finding ways to grow. CIG provides an alternative or asymmetrical view on strategy, its context, practice and limitations. The approach is underpinned by varying theoretical and precedent derived models and is highly practical in its engagement and application. Interventions are based on utilizing your incumbent management teams IP together with proven thinking frameworks, to engage and overcome the challenges strategy and growth present.

Integrating strategy imperatives with growth aspirations

Sustainable growth requires two simultaneous actions –

One, replicating and extending your incumbent market positions while still maintaining competitive advantage.

Two, discovering and introducing new sources of value creation and capture.

These are different challenges that require diverse competencies.


  1. Understanding the ongoing relevance and thus sustainability of your underpinning value creation theory as a basis for your ongoing growth
  2. Disentangling your growth from your strategy problems as a prerequisite to planning, and capability building
  3. Establishing guidelines for both the right strategy selection and good strategy practice within large, diverse and sometimes competing commercial portfolios
  4. Designing strategy specific business models and associated operational structures required to maintain advantage or go to market with new value creating offerings
  5. Removing qualitative to quantitative business case development challenges inherent in new idea vetting and evaluation


CIG offer two Engagement Options

  1. Fixed Scope and Price Project –
    Specific problems require facilitation to solution by a certain time.
  2. Virtual Non Executive –
    Strategy dynamics and process management that delivers value on an ongoing basis. Discrete monthly interactions that facilitate specific management functions or deliver value into specific projects