Ideas – Strategy – Business Models – Operations


Deconstructing Complexity

CIG utilizes 3 core frameworks.

The frameworks are worked with independently or in combination, depending on the nature of the challenge. The frameworks make key domain constructs clear, their roles and relationships within the context of specific problem types and the outputs sought.

Theory – Strategy
– Business Model –
Operations Framework

This framework assists management teams think through their value creation and capture chain. It makes domain roles and interfaces explicit allowing problems and associated solutions to be solved at the correct level of abstraction and organizational function

Value – Strategy –
Sustainable Growth

This framework helps management teams understand the relationship between strategy and growth. Strategy and growth challenge differences are highlighted within the context of a business’s current strategic posture. The resultant insights enable improved option development and decision making.

Business Case

This framework assists business case developers transition ideas into an integrated set of quantitative and qualitative thoughts spanning strategy, business model and operational alignment. The framework counters typical idea to spreadsheet mistakes by making thinking and planning layers and their relationships easier to understand and work through.