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Reality, Meet Your Business Case

In most large organizations, the “business case” is a proven and trusted rights provider. It represents quantifiable commercial rationale used to justify investing money in some element of the business. The approach expresses multiple ideas under a single thinking and decision-making umbrella namely- problem or opportunity quantification, implication if unsolved or solved, envisaged solution, chosen… Read more »

Minimum Viable Idea

I recently expressed, in a blog named Where is the Idea in Strategy, that strategy acts on and enables ideas. Value is nested within the core idea and not strategy. Strategy’s job is the expressing of something pre-existent via the design and adaptation of assets, resources and activities that overcome the challenges impeding progress or… Read more »

Where is the Idea in Strategy

There are as many strategy definitions as there are strategy approaches. It’s a complex subject that most management teams feel they intuitively understand. This understanding typically falls into the – it’s the envisionment of an improved future state coupled with a plan to get there, realm. Strategy is engaged as this overarching higher order thinking… Read more »