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The Messiness of Growth

I recently had independent discussions with the two entrepreneurs who are currently the CEO’s of two successful small businesses. The businesses have been running for 4 and 6 years respectively, have strong order books, growing client bases and positive cash-flow. Both of them talked openly about how the act of actively growing their businesses had… Read more »

Strategy Paradox

Great strategies add risk. This is counter to conventional and intuitive logic. Good strategy surely puts organisations at less risk via the creation of better competitive positions that over time generate positive economic returns. This is true to the extent that the future within which the strategy is planned to compete manifests with sufficient congruency…. Read more »


Nathaniel Mass, wrote an article named the Relative Value of Growth(RVG) in which he argued that most management teams do not have an understanding of whether a 1% increase in revenue growth would be more or less valuable than  1% increase in earnings (Margin). He argues that understanding what % of your share price is… Read more »

Morphing the Model

Introducing new offerings into your product or service repertoire is a classic way of attempting to establish new growth platforms.  One of the key decisions you need to make is whether you introduce the new offerings through a standalone business model ring fenced from the core or use incumbent model processes, systems and operating habits… Read more »

Reflections on Business Model Innovation

Earlier this week I forwarded a blog called Reflections on business model innovation, written by Kay Plantes. I follow Kay who is an MIT-trained economist, business strategy consultant, columnist, speaker and author. She writes on business model innovation and strategic leadership bringing an interesting blend of theory and pragmatic insights to her work. I decided… Read more »

Strategic IQ

How high is your management teams strategic IQ?  Knowing an approximate answer to this question is valuable. I have argued in the past that strategy is at its core, problem solving and the better your team’s collective comprehension of what they face and options available the less mistakes you make over time.  Strategy is a… Read more »

Theory Is Where You Start, Art Is Where You End

I recently had an interesting conversation with the MD of a large listed IT company about the tricky mix of art and theory utilised in managing a business.  His assertion was that good business dictated a solid and consistent dollop of “art” i.e. feel, intuition and judgement. To be more specific no amounts of “generic… Read more »

Operating Multiple Business Models

I often engage with management teams that are simultaneously operating multiple business models. What surprises me is that the differences between the business model metrics, tradeoffs, scale and competency requirements have not been made explicit within their minds. One of the models tends to dominate with the balance delivering moderate or even unprofitable performance. When… Read more »

Is your Business Viable?

This is a question that often gets raised within CIG interventions. It’s an important question that is unfortunately not that easy to answer. The context for the question is usually whether new initiatives you have kicked off to grow the business are viable long term growth platforms. This is actually two questions wrapped up in… Read more »

Great Answer – Wrong Question

I have typically stayed away from year end wrap-ups and New Year must do blogs. I have decided instead to lead out this year’s blog posts with some thoughts on one logical group and frequently reinforced insights from 2011. Business is one long problem solving continuum Thinking is one of the hardest forms of work… Read more »