Month: July 2011

Downtime is Uptime

About three weeks ago I was told about an interesting campaign Tesco’s renamed to Homeplus had run in Korea. The magnitude of the idea and its activation only hit home about a week later, once I received a video link from Neels’ Bester. In this case seeing was understanding! The idea is relatively simple –… Read more »

Differences Count

I met with the CEO of a very successful listed IT company last week. This is one of my most enjoyable activities especially when they are the founder and have made the transition from being a start –up to a successfully listed entity. These meetings reveal without fail how views on some of the core… Read more »

Strategy Conversations vs Strategy Sessions

A good strategy is usually quite simple, getting there is often complex. There are a myriad of constructs that need to be understood, analysed and factored into developing and maintaining a strategy. Understanding elements like sources of competitiveness and the sustainability thereof, performance driver subtleties across the various business models you operate, developing strategic options,… Read more »