Month: September 2010

What does fit really mean?

Been thinking about a word that seems to be thrown around a lot in management meetings and strategy planning sessions. FIT! It seems to signal the amount of congruency between what a business currently does or is good at and what a new growth opportunity may require to succeed. Fit is a key ingredient to… Read more »

The Danger of Numbers

Numbers have an uncanny ability to create credibility when business fundamentals suggest the opposite. I was reminded about this when meeting with the MD of Financial Services and Accounting  company.  His core business is well established with loyal and profitable clientele.  He understands the fundamentals and associated differentiation of his business really well which include… Read more »

Interpreting the Growth Stats

My blog post, Never Ending Pressure, presented some of the current research statistics accumulated from various independent business growth studies. They make for interesting reading and challenging interpretation. Why do so many well oiled business that have developed great products and services, grown competencies, established brands, carved out dominant market positions,  optimized operations and processes… Read more »

Objective horizons and 3 year earnings warranted equity deals

What are implications of shareholder and management earnings horizon objectives diverging? The answer is context specific but the outcomes are usually negative for the business. This is none more evident than during the final earn out period of an earnings warranted equity sale. The warranted earnings approach does have significant advantages for both stakeholders however… Read more »

Never Ending Pressure

I would like to start this post by making explicit that I am not anti growth, to the contrary. I am anti the engrained belief that you must and can grow continuously and that growth is always the best strategic option business’ face. This belief drives a plethora of management decisions and actions that ultimately… Read more »