Month: July 2010

Sexy Markets and Adjacency Leaps

I got involved with a very successful  listed IT company in early 2000. The company’s core business was the selling and provision of services around a major international brands server hardware. The business augmented this  by also providing outsourced infrastructure and desktop management services to a small number of clients. E-Commerce was the sexiest play… Read more »

Do Companies have to earn the right to grow?

Some may consider this a strange question. Why would a company have to earn the right to grow? The process of growing market share, customers, brand value and yields in the pursuit of higher revenues and bottom line earnings gets to the heart of what companies do. There are no associated rights that govern your… Read more »

Autonomy X Mastery X Purpose

Sustained revenue and earnings growth requires the ongoing development of new ideas, opportunities and initiatives that continue to provision new growth platforms. They may be directed at enhancing your core business, extending your core into adjacencies or even diversifying into new lines of business. Successfully executing on these ideas for the purpose of growing your… Read more »